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Anne Sayers

Anne Sayers

Program Director

608-208-1129 • anne@conservationvoters.org

As the Program Director, Anne oversees all program work, guiding strategies
and tactics to ensure our efforts inside and outside the Capitol add up to wins for conservation. In this capacity, she also serves as the Communications Director and Press Secretary. Come election time, Anne heads up electoral programs in support of pro-conservation candidates. Anne has been with the organization since the doors were first opened in 2002.

I’m a conservation voter because clean air and water are basic rights that have no business being used as partisan political pawns. As a conservation voter, I am part of a strong (and growing) movement of others who feel the same way.

My Story

Growing up in an oil family, I moved across the country frequently. I was lucky to have the opportunity to live in beautiful places, like Oregon and Alaska. My conservation values must have seeped into me as I experienced those places – as I was sitting at the bottom of waterfalls, observing moose in the marsh, and hiking along volcanoes.

When it came to politics, I took my lead from Dad whose politics I would describe as being about responsibility – the responsibility that comes with being an American and the need to understand our collective history. As President of the environmental club in high school, I led letter writing campaigns to legislators because of those same values. I believed that elected officials had a responsibility to protect our natural resources, as well as a responsibility to take the concerns of citizens seriously. I still do.

When I chose to attend the University of Wisconsin- Madison, I took every environmental course I could fit into my schedule, fascinated by the role government and economics play in the decisions we make that impact natural resources. I’ve now worked as a conservation professional for 14 years, first for The Nature Conservancy and the State Environmental Resource Center and as the Program Director for Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters for more than a decade.


  • University of Wisconsin, Madison: BA, International Relations; BA, Geography; Certificate of Environmental Studies. University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; International exchange in environmental studies
  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom: Ongoing participant in a transatlantic dialogue regarding the principle of freedom both in Germany and abroad
  • 2013 participant in Wisconsin Women in the Outdoors with the National Wild Turkey Federation
  • British Petroleum: Internship in oil exploration geology; Polar Bear Certified
  • Anne appears regularly on Wisconsin TV and radio and in news publications regarding conservation issues and the values of Wisconsin voters. She has been quoted in The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and The Huffington Post. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ Program Director Anne Sayers believes conservation can still be a bipartisan goal.


  • Gardening, foreign language, animal rescue, book club, geology, travel

Favorite Place in Wisconsin

  • Near the cool rocks and under the shady trees of the Baraboo Hills