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Chris Soczka

Chris Soczka

Program Intern


As an intern with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, I am gaining experience with keeping state elected officials accountable and working with community members on conservation issues they want addressed. I am senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, currently studying political science and sociology and I graduate Spring 2017. My studies in the area of political culture, social movements, state and local politics, and environmental sociology made me realize that societal change occurs in the political system. I believe that government impacts you most on the state and local level, and that I want to aid in creating change.

I grew up on a small ginseng farm in Edgar, WI, in Central Wisconsin near Wausau. My childhood was spent hopping on my bike and going down to the tiny stream named the Rocky Run. I spent numerous hours fishing, catching frogs and crayfish, and walking around the cool stream. I spent my summers out a the Big Eau Pleine County Park near Mosinee where I fished, swam, camped, and disc golfed with friends. Living in the countryside is something I am passionate about; having clean air and drinking water is extremely important to me. Growing up I also gardened, cultivating varieties of fruits and vegetables in our backyard. I was able to watch apple, cherry, pear, and plum trees grow and I still harvest fruit in the fall. I also spent hours helping my family plant and tend to crops like ginseng, corn, and soybeans.

However, being a first generation college student, I didn’t feel that the field of agriculture suited me well. It took me a long time to really find my niche in college. As my college career comes to an end, I’ve realized I have a passion for change. I submersed myself in the 2016 election and helped run operations in Chippewa County over the summer and fall. This was my first election experience and it will not be my last. As soon as November 9th arrived, I began my search to continue on with creating change in society. I applied with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters soon after, and began work in January 2017. My goal is to aid the people of Western Wisconsin with their fight to protect our natural resources and hold our state and local governments accountable.

I’m a conservation voter because our population is growing, we need to be conscious of the daily decisions that impact the environment and ensure prosperity for future generations.

Favorite Place in Wisconsin: Big Eau Pleine County Park