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Danny Herder

Danny Herder

Program Intern


I received an Associate degree from UW-Marshfield/Wood County before transferring to UW-Eau Claire to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in philosophy. My passion for politics started in high school when the state legislature began working on bills to limit the power of public sector unions. My father was a public school teacher of 26 years at the time, so I was in a position to experience firsthand how big of an impact politics can have on peoples’ lives. While I consider myself to be an independent on many issues, protecting the environment has always been a no-brainer to me.

I grew up in a rural town called Spencer, Wisconsin in the central part of the state. My childhood consisted of many camping trips and, since I grew up out of town, many hours playing with my dogs in the woods. These memories and experiences as a kid profoundly shaped me as a person. The world around us is a place of immense beauty, and we have an obligation to preserve it for our children and beyond to enjoy. I’m very happy to have been given an internship opportunity with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

I’m a conservation voter because in an increasingly stressful and connected world, we need nature now more than ever. It provides each of us with an opportunity to escape for a while and replenish the soul.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Crandon, WI