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Evan Arnold

Evan Arnold

Development Assistant

608-208-1133 • evan@conservationvoters.org

As Development Assistant, Evan provides administrative and fundraising support to the development department, including researching, tracking, creating reports for fundraising activities, and creating written content for the organization’s development communications.

I’m a conservation voter because enjoying Wisconsin’s beautiful natural places is a right we all share.

My Story

I grew up in Evansville, where conservation was a core part of daily life. Concerned community members have spent decades protecting our trees, lakes, wetlands, and trout streams. Even now, a group of my former teachers are working to turn our school campus into a community forest where we can teach future generations of Blue Devils about the importance of protecting our natural resources.

As a child, I often visited my grandparents’ small farm in neighboring Green County, where I saw first-hand how closely our livelihoods are tied to sustainable land management. One day each fall, all our cousins and neighbors came to the farm to comb the woods for fallen trees and branches that would keep the furnace running all winter, while my grandma cooked vegetables from the garden and a snapping turtle they caught in the Sugar River. I was never a particularly helpful wood chopper – I just liked playing in the woods with my friends – but the idea that conservation is a community effort has stuck with me to this day.

My interest in the natural world and photography took me to the Missouri School of Journalism’s photojournalism program. In Missouri and abroad, I worked at small, local newspapers and radio stations where I had my fingers on the pulse of the communities I served and learned to speak truth to power and hold public officials accountable.

I’m so excited to be at Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, where I can combine my small town conservation ethic with the principles of transparency and accountability to support our efforts to protect Wisconsin’s beautiful natural places.


  • University of Missouri-Columbia: Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in International Photojournalism; minors in Sociology, Political Science, and Leadership & Public Service
  • Development experience at Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
  • Former Student Sustainability Representative at the University of Missouri Environmental Leadership Office


  • Photography, gardening, and drawing

Favorite Place in Wisconsin

  • Whitefish Dunes State Park