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Hailey Storsved

Hailey Storsved

Development Intern


I am a junior at UW-Milwaukee pursuing a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Pre-Law and a minor in Biological Sciences. My goal is to one day get my law degree and work in environmental or civil rights policy. I am delighted to have an internship that blends my passion for politics and conservation together.

Love for the outdoors runs deep in my family. Most vacations were spent enjoying Wisconsin’s beautiful scenery, whether it be swimming in Lake Superior, hiking the trails of Devil’s Lake, or camping in the Kettle Moraine. Wisconsin’s lakes, forests, and creatures helped shape me into the person I am today, and now it is my turn to help protect them as much as I can. Threats to our environment are real and imminent, and it is imperative that we come together to protect them. I believe that conserving our natural resources should be a nonpartisan issue, and I am so excited to work with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to conserve our air, land, and water together.

I’m a conservation voter because: I want the same natural beauty and clean resources that I have enjoyed in Wisconsin to be around for future generations.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: the trails leading down to Lake Michigan in Doctors Park