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Hannah Badeau

Hannah Badeau

Program Intern


I am a Sophomore at Marquette University studying political science, environmental studies, and fine arts. I began my work with the national branch of the League of Conservation Voters in Milwaukee in the fall of 2015 and have been fortunate enough to continue working with this wonderful organization through all of the political ups and downs of 2016. I am excited to be working with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters on environmental issues much closer to home as I hope to pursue a career in environmental justice after graduation. For myself I have found that, rather than work on the federal level, connections between communities and individuals lead to much more rewarding political action.

In the past few years, as I have become more active in Wisconsin politics, I have been really disappointed with the increasing oversight of our state’s strong environmental legacy. Protecting our beautiful green, spacious, and agriculturally productive state has become a partisan issue. I feel that this divisive attitude acts against some of Wisconsin’s greatest virtues and am proud to work with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to cross party lines and protect our rich culture of environmentalism.

I am a conservation voter because I am passionate about protecting our earth and I know that if we cannot act now, we may never get the chance.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: On a paddle boat in the middle of Cox Hollow Lake at Governor Dodge State Park.