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Henry Allen

Henry Allen

Development Intern


I am a rising Junior at Elon University in North Carolina, but have spent most of my life growing up here in Wisconsin. I am majoring in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in French. I have a strong interest in non-profits as well as their impact on the political process, so as someone who has a strong passion for conservation, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is a great fit. Growing up in Wisconsin I was able to experience many of the great natural wonders our state has, like our northern lakes, to lake Michigan, and even the many local parks I grew up around. Making sure future generations get to experience the same is extremely important. I think that conservation is something that everyone can get behind, so building support from people of different political beliefs and backgrounds is essential to further conservation efforts. When I am not spending my time doing schoolwork, I tend to somehow find myself outside. Whether its going on hikes, playing sports, spending time with my friends or even if its just throwing some brats on the grill, the outdoors is consistently a part of my life. I look forward to furthering my knowledge on the challenges conservation faces and working towards better conservation in the future with WLCV over the course of this summer.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Lake Owen