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Jenny Torner

Jenny Torner

Development Intern


In the fall, I will be a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in International Studies and Environmental Studies with a focus on global security issues and international and domestic environmental policy. I am excited to be a part of the Wisconsin league of Conservation Voters team and to help engage more Wisconsinites in their local environmental issues.

I was raised in Cedarburg, WI where I spent my childhood summers playing in the many local parks and the winters sledding and building forts in my own backyard. Cedarburg is a beautiful city and has a long history with Cedar Creek, which the city was built along. Founded as a mill town, Cedarburg’s economy and local life were originally centered on water resources. Although the city’s economy is no longer based on mills, Cedar Creek is still a vital part of my hometown’s identity. Growing up, I was told never to go in the water from the Creek because the large concentration of pollutants that had built up from the many years of dumping from the mills made the water toxic. Having an issue such as this literally in my backyard inspired me at a young age to learn more about environmental issues and to engage in solving them. Through my internship with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, I am thrilled to learn about and be a part of protecting waterways and natural spaces all over the state of Wisconsin.

I’m a conservation voter because I believe that it is important that the environment is not considered to be a separate issue but is instead something that is fully considered in all decisions, whether federal, state, or personal.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area