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Maikoau Vang

Maikoau Vang

Development Intern


I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a certificate in Asian American Studies. The focus of my studies is on human interactions and relations. My previous volunteer experience in nonprofit organizations has driven my interest and passion for protecting our natural resources and giving back what we take from the environment. Due to the effects of human activity on our environment, I have a strong stance on conserving and protecting our land.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, where I spent most of my childhood playing in parks and taking hikes near Lake Michigan. The parks were often surrounded by wildlife and nature. It was common to spot ducks or turtles by the pond or birds feeding in the birdhouses. My parents enjoyed taking hikes to the lake and would always bring me and my siblings along to explore nature with them. While I grew up in a high-tech environment, my parents grew up in a world where they relied solely on farming and taking care of natural resources to make a living. For this reason, I grew up deeply invested in appreciating what our land gives us and in taking care of it. It is disappointing to see how conserving our land, air, and water can easily be overlooked, especially since Wisconsin is one of the few states bordered by not one, but two of Great Lakes. Ultimately, I believe that communities working together to influence conservation policies is a great stepping stone to protecting our resources.

I am a conservation voter because Wisconsin is my homeland and has given me so many memories to cherish for generations. It is important to protect our land and resources so that generations after us will have the same opportunities to enjoy the places we love in Wisconsin.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Pewit’s Nest