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MaryGrace Pankratz

MaryGrace Pankratz

Development Intern


I am a senior at UW-Madison studying Political Science and International Studies with a Certificate in Business. Although the focus of my studies is primarily international politics and foreign relations, I have cultivated an acute interest in domestic politics. I am a firm believer that vast changes made in the United States government start at the state level, in offices such as Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

I was born and raised in Madison, WI and as such, I was never far from bike trails, prairies, the Arboretum, and, of course, the lakes! My family also took yearly trips to Door County, where my sisters and I loved hiking, skipping rocks, and playing at the beach. I can’t imagine my childhood without the experiences I had exploring outside and the many outdoor activities Wisconsin had to offer me. It has disappointed me in the past couple of years to see the future for Wisconsin’s water, land, and air become less certain. As such, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters make constructive progress within the state of Wisconsin and its legislature towards helping conserve our precious natural resources.

I’m a conservation voter because Wisconsin has always been my home, and I feel I have a responsibility to advocate for the protection of its natural resources, both for myself and for future generations.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Sister Bay