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Rachel Moret

Rachel Moret

Development Intern


This fall I will be a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am majoring in Agriculture and Applied Economics with certificates in Sustainability and Global Health. I am interested in sustainable food systems and how we can create sustainable solutions to feed people without degrading our resources. Interning with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters will help me gain exposure to preserving our resources and the economics and politics behind the conservation movement.

As a child, my family lived and traveled all over the place. This exposed me to many different environments that our planet has to offer. As I saw so many incredible places, my appreciation and awe for the planet grew and I began to realize how important it is to preserve our natural resources. After spending eight summers as a camper and counselor in the Northern Woods, my admiration for Wisconsin’s natural resources also grew as did my understanding of the need to preserve that beauty.

I’m a conservation voter because the world is a beautiful place and we often take if for granted. We cannot continue to take from it without also giving back.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Finley Lake