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Seth Hoffmeister

Seth Hoffmeister

Northeast Organizer

920-249-7400 • seth@conservationvoters.org

As Northeast Organizer, Seth works with volunteers, activists, and partner organizations in the community to hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions that they make regarding our natural resources and works to draw attention to important conservation issues in and around Northeast Wisconsin.

I’m a conservation voter because we’re on the brink of causing irreversible and devastating damage to our natural environment, and if we wish to pass on a healthy and habitable planet to future generations tomorrow, we need to act to protect it today.

My Story:

I grew up in Eau Claire where I spent a lot of my childhood romping up and down Otter Creek near my parents house as well as heading up to the Northwoods with my friends and family. Living on the outside of town, I saw many of my favorite berry patches, climbing trees, and trails developed into strip malls and parking lots as the city sprawled outward. I still remember going to numerous city council meetings at a very young age with my mother to object to a condo development not far from our house. A short time later, after this development and many others went through, I remember having to stop swimming in the creek because the water had become too dirty. This had a lasting impact on me, and instilled in me a commitment to protecting our natural environment. When I was a little older, I got a job at the summer camp I attended as a kid and had the very rewarding experience of showing a new generation the beauty of our natural environment and the importance of conserving it to pass it on from generation to generation.

My first volunteer experience with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters was in the 2008 election, where I realized that to protect our natural resources we need to engage in the political process. With this lesson fresh in my mind, I attended UW-Stevens Point, largely due to their strong conservation tradition. I got involved in many environmental and higher education issues and found community organizing to be the key to success for the issues I was passionate about. Upon graduation, I was thrilled to work for Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters in Appleton during the 2014 election, continuing to work on the issues I care about and make a positive difference. In the summer of 2015, after a stint as a camp cook at the same summer camp I attended as a child, I again joined the team as a Field Organizer with the Climate Action Program based out of Green Bay, where I currently reside. I am excited to continue the great work of this organization as Northeast Organizer.


  • Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Major in Social Sciences, Minor in Anthropology
  • Student Body President, UW-Stevens Point Student Government Association
  • President, United Council of UW Students
  • Board of Directors, United States Student Association
  • WISPIRG UW-Stevens Point Chapter Chair and State Board Vice Chair
  • University Leadership Award Recipient, UW-Stevens Point


  • Hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, camping, playing the mandolin and guitar, cooking and grilling, reading, seeing live music, and the Green Bay Packers

Favorite Place in Wisconsin:

  • The shores of Lower Long Lake and Lake Holcombe in Chippewa County