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Stephanie Minisinookwe Thompson

Stephanie Minisinookwe Thompson

First Nations Organizer

715-892-4465 • stephanie@conservationvoters.org

As the First Nations Organizer, Stephanie works with volunteers, activists, and partner organizations in tribal communities to hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions that they make regarding our natural resources and works to draw attention to important conservation issues in and around northern Wisconsin.

I am a conservation voter because protecting the environment is a core value of my culture, my family, my blood and I will honor my ancestors and my grandchildren by protecting it.

My Story

Boozhoo! Minisinookwe indishinakaz. Stephanie Thompson indizhinikaaz zhaaganaashiimong. Waaswagoning indoonjiba. Makwa indoodem. Nibaaba Brian Thompson. Nimaamaa Jenifer Thompson (Plasky).

Hello! My name is Minisinookwe. My name is Stephanie Thompson in English. I am from the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians. I am bear clan. My father is Brian Thompson. My mother is Jenifer Thompson (Plasky).

My dedication and passion for environmental work is in large part to my heritage and upbringing. My family and my culture have raised me to understand the interconnected fate of us with the world. As a young girl I learned to harvest berries with my great grandmother, visiting berry patches which my family has visited for centuries. I learned from my father how to harvest fish and the importance of restocking from our tribal fish hatchery, which has been named after my great grandfather William Poupart.

As an adult, I visit those same places with my children. However, things have began changing. Some of the places I once visited to berry pick are now highly damaged, having been a site chosen for logging. Some places I once fished can no longer be trusted to feed my family due to high levels of mercury. The effects we have and our disconnection from our environment will hopefully be a learning curve which we can act upon quickly. With this in my heart, I live in a way with thoughtful action, purposeful decisions and advocacy for the environment.


  • Lac Courte Oreilles Community College Graduate 2015
  • Waaswagoning Student Body President 2014-2015
  • Lac du Flambeau Health Board, Vice Chair 2014-2015
  • Zaasigiwan HeadStart Policy Council, Vice Chair
  • Lac du Flambeau Conservation Code Committee Member
  • Wisconsin Leadership Development Core Team 2017


  • Vintage dishware, cribbage, cooking, painting, collecting vinyl

Favorite Place in Wisconsin

  • Dogsville in Lac du Flambeau