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Susan Gartell

Susan Gartell

Community Outreach and Development Manager

414-921-0084 • susan@conservationvoters.org

Susan joins the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters team as Community Outreach and Development Manager. Working primarily out of the Milwaukee office, she works with donors, board members, and the community to raise awareness and support for the important issues the organization advocates.

I’m a conservation voter because the health of the natural world must be cared for if its beauty and gifts are to be enjoyed for generations.

My Story

Originally from Phoenix, I was raised by two very passionate and educated parents. My mother was a medical social worker at a county hospital in Phoenix’s inner city. My father worked for The Capital Times, a political newspaper. Between these two worlds I was engrained with a deep sense of compassion and political activism. I spent most summer vacations driving to and hiking in national and state parks. By the time I was twelve I had been to every single one in the state of Arizona, as well as many in Utah and Colorado. Although, at the time I envied my friends going on Disneyland vacations, I am forever grateful for the love of nature and history my parents instilled in me.

Pursing my dream of being a ballerina brought me to Milwaukee where I was accepted into the Milwaukee Ballet. After 13 years, I retired from the company in May 2016. I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life and am thrilled to join Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.


  • Graduated from UW Milwaukee Spring 2016, magna cum laude
  • Worked in Community Outreach for 10 years with Milwaukee Ballet
  • Development experience through Milwaukee Ballet
  • Field Organizer, Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Coordinated Campaign


  • Traveling, hiking, fishing, photography, and hanging out with my kitty, Grace

Favorite Place in Wisconsin

  • Somewhere secret in beautiful northern Wisconsin