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Taylor Limberg

Taylor Limberg

Program Intern


I am originally from Owatonna, MN and am now pursuing an Environmental Geography degree from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. I currently serve as a board member on the UWEC Student Office of Sustainability where we organize events on campus and around the city to get students informed and involved with current issues facing us today. I began my work with the WLCV branch in Eau Claire during the Spring of 2017 and hope to continue through my undergraduate career.

When I am not studying, I enjoy backpacking, biking, kayaking, camping, and traveling; nothing beats good company and adventure! Some of my favorite places in the US include the Boundary Waters, the Grand Canyon and Redwoods National Forest. I am also a member of the Chippewa Valley Beekeepers and spend my weekends learning about bees and how to maintain healthy hives; a pressing issue facing us today. Through SOS, I recently met with Dominic Frongillo, a councilman from NY who helped ban fracking, and I have been inspired to pursue conservation through a new lens. I have just recently began getting involved with politics; I am noticing just how crucial it is to making change happen.

I’m a conservation voter because I grew up camping and exploring the outdoors and I strongly believe people of every age can benefit from spending time in nature, which is why we must work hard to protect it.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: In my kayak paddling to the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.