A Clear Vision For Wisconsin’s Future

Wisconsin is at a turning point. The short-sighted policies of recent years are chipping away at Wisconsin’s rich legacy of conservation. Our grandchildren will inherit either a Wisconsin full of beauty or be left with something unrecognizable to us.

We need a bold vision to aggressively scale up the things that work. And we know what works: the power of people. That power, the power of you, is the heart of Conservation 20/20.

Over the past six years one thing has remained constant. When you, and thousands of others like you, spoke up and took action we were able to fight off attack after attack from polluters and their allies in the State Capitol.

But fighting off bad ideas is not enough. Our lakes are getting dirtier, more families can’t drink the water from their taps, and climate change is accelerating.

It’s time to fundamentally change Wisconsin’s policy debate. Here’s what that means:

More Boots on the Ground
Investing heavily in local communities, local organizations, and local leaders, which will require adding at least five new field organizers across Wisconsin.

Mobilizing Voters
Talking to more voters, like you, more often about the issues they care about – not just during elections but year-round.

Technology & Tools
Expanding the technologies and tools of cutting-edge citizen engagement and making those tools available to partner organizations.

New Ways to Build Power
Developing innovative methods for engaging local groups and building the power of their constituencies.

Conservation 20/20 will take these strategies to a scale and sophistication unparalleled in Wisconsin’s conservation history. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is looking to raise close to $1 million a year from members, supporters, and conservation voters like you to make this bold vision a reality.

We are excited about this opportunity for you to be part of a new solution and would love to talk to you more about your role in creating a new future for Wisconsin.

For more information about Conservation 20/20, contact Angela West Blank at angela@conservationvoters.org or 608-208-1131.