Conservation Victories

Thanks to you, conservation voters were able to rack up victories for clean water in 2017. They include:

✔ Fighting Manure Pollution in Families’ Water

Thousands of Wisconsin families’ taps are running brown with nitrate- and bacteria-laden drinking water due to manure runoff from factory farms. Your support helped us pass the Well Compensation Bill, which helps families replace manure-contaminated wells and failed septic systems. You also helped win full funding in the state budget for Wisconsin’s frontline protectors, our county conservationists.

✔ Protecting Children from Lead in Drinking Water

Children across Wisconsin are being exposed to lead in drinking water at dangerous levels. Your support helped us push the Leading on Lead Bill, which helps families replace dangerous lead pipes, through the Legislature. You also helped us ensure that blood lead level standards to trigger an investigation are set at levels that protect our children.

✔ Holding Polluters Accountable

Conservation voters sent over 600 public comments to the Natural Resources Board to strengthen state rules to keep manure out of Wisconsin families’ drinking water in sensitive areas – like Kewaunee County. Thanks to you, we’re on our way to protecting more families from manure-contaminated water that causes diarrhea, learning disabilities, and even infant death.

With your help, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has the most robust citizen engagement force in the state’s environmental movement. In offices across the state – from Eau Claire to Milwaukee to Green Bay to Lac du Flambeau – professional field staff have created a thriving network of activists and allied organizations. This increased influence is carving out pathways to success on the issues you care about most.

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