2016 Endorsements

Overwhelmingly, our members say they are tired of the partisan bickering in Madison. They are looking for elected officials who are able to set politics aside, bring different stakeholders to the table, and get the job done. Our endorsed candidates reflect those values.

All endorsed candidates were carefully considered and approved by the Board of Directors of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Candidates were evaluated on a set of criteria including their ability to solve conservation problems. The board placed high value on candidates committed to working in a bipartisan way, were good listeners, and deeply valued the concerns of their constituents and local groups.

We are facing such significant and immediate threats when it comes to conservation in Wisconsin. With drinking water wells polluted and running low and unmonitored frac sand mining scarring the lungs of our kids, the threats are just too great to waste time on partisanship and petty politics. We are anxious to get to work with elected officials next session and find pragmatic solutions to our conservation challenges.

Endorsed Candidates


*Indicates candidate won

Senate Endorsements:
SD 02 Rob Cowles – read more about Rob here*

SD 04 Mandela Barnes
SD 06 LaTonya Johnson*
SD 12 Bryan Van Stippen
SD 14 Brian Smith
SD 16 Mark Miller*
SD 18 Mark Harris – read more about Mark here
SD 24 Julie Lassa
SD 26 Fred Risser*
SD 30 Dave Hansen*
SD 32 Jennifer Shilling*

Assembly Endorsements:
AD 01 Joel Kitchens – read more about Joel here*
AD 03 Ron Tusler*
AD 07 Daniel Riemer*
AD 09 Marisbel Cabrera
AD 11 Darrol Gibson
AD 12 Fred Kessler*
AD 16 Edgar Lin
AD 17 David Crowley*
AD 18 Evan Goyke*
AD 19 Jonathon Brostoff*
AD 20 Christine Sinicki*
AD 26 Rebecca Clarke
AD 28 Jeff Peterson
AD 30 Scott Nelson
AD 40 Dmitri Martin
AD 42 George Ferriter
AD 43 Don Vruwink*
AD 45 Mark Spreitzer*
AD 46 Gary Hebl*
AD 47 Jimmy Anderson*
AD 48 Melissa Sargent*
AD 49 Jesse Bennett
AD 50 Art Shrader
AD 51 Jeff Wright – read more about Jeff here
AD 54 Gordon Hintz*
AD 57 Amanda Stuck*
AD 64 Peter Barca*
AD 65 Tod Ohnstad*
AD 68 Howard White
AD 71 Katrina Shankland*
AD 72 David Gorski
AD 74 Beth Meyers*
AD 75 Joe Huftel
AD 76 Chris Taylor*
AD 77 Terese Berceau*
AD 78 Lisa Subeck*
AD 79 Dianne Hesselbein*
AD 80 Sondy Pope*
AD 81 Dave Considine*
AD 85 Mandy Wright – read more about Mandy here
AD 91 Dana Wachs*
AD 92 Chris Danou
AD 94 Steve Doyle*