Overwhelmingly, our members say they are tired of the partisan bickering in Madison. They are looking for elected officials who are able to set politics aside, bring different stakeholders to the table, and get the job done. Our endorsed candidates reflect those values.

All endorsed candidates were carefully considered and approved by the Board of Directors of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Candidates were evaluated on a set of criteria including their ability to solve conservation problems. The board placed high value on candidates committed to working in a bipartisan way, were good listeners, and deeply valued the concerns of their constituents and local groups.

We are facing such significant and immediate threats when it comes to conservation in Wisconsin. With drinking water wells polluted and running low and unmonitored frac sand mining scarring the lungs of our kids, the threats are just too great to waste time on partisanship and petty politics. We are anxious to get to work with elected officials next session and find pragmatic solutions to our conservation challenges.

2018 Endorsed Candidates

Check back often! We will roll out more endorsements in the upcoming months.

Statewide office endorsements:

Lt. Governor – Mandela Barnes
Treasurer – Sarah Godlewski
Attorney General – Josh Kaul

Assembly endorsements:

AD 1 – Rep. Joel Kitchens (I)
AD 9 – Marisabel Cabrera
AD 7 – Rep. Daniel Riemer (I)
AD 19 – Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (I)
AD 42 – Ann Groves Lloyd
AD 43 – Rep. Don Vruwink (I)
AD 44 – Rep. Deb Kolste (I)
AD 45 – Rep. Mark Spreitzer (I)
AD 46 – Rep. Gary Hebl (I)
AD 47 – Rep. Jimmy Anderson (I)
AD 48 – Rep. Melissa Sargent (I)
AD 50 – Art Shrader
AD 57 – Rep. Amanda Stuck (I)
AD 68 – Wendy Sue Johnson
AD 71 – Rep. Katrina Shankland (I)
AD 72 – David Gorski
AD 76 – Rep. Chris Taylor (I)
AD 78 – Rep. Lisa Subeck (I)
AD 88 – Tom Sieber
AD 90 – Staush Gruszynski
AD 94 – Rep. Steve Doyle (I)

Senate endorsements:

SD 1 – Sen. Caleb Frostman (I)
SD 3 – Sen. Tim Carpenter (I)
SD 5 – Julie Henszey
SD 15 – Sen. Janis Ringhand (I)
SD 17 – Kriss Marion
SD 25 – Sen. Janet Bewley (I)
SD 27 – Sen. Jon Erpenbach (I)

View our 2016 endorsements here.

History of Endorsements


Senator Schultz (right) receives the Conservation Honor Roll award

Since making our first endorsement in 2002, we are very proud to say Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has helped 239 candidates win elections. Here are just a few highlights:

In 2002, 67% of the candidates endorsed by Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters won, including Senator Dale Schultz.

Senator Dale Schultz was one of three endorsements issued in our first foray into electoral politics. Senator Schultz continued to be a consistent voice for natural resource protection until he retired in 2013, and was one of the strongest voices fighting the open-pit mining bill.

In 2006, 77% of candidates endorsed by Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters won, including Representative Cory Mason.


Representative Mason receives the Conservation Champion award.

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters was on the ground for more than a year preparing for this important race. As a result, we were able to engage scores of volunteers to knock on doors and make calls to other conservation voters to help put Cory Mason over the top. Representative Cory Mason has gone on to be a top Conservation Champion – a leader on the Great Lakes Compact, named to the Conservation Honor Roll for his wetland protection efforts, and has a perfect lifetime conservation score of 100%.

In 2010, 55% of candidates endorsed by Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters won, including Senator Chris Larson.

In a highly contested Democratic primary, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters went all-in to support Chris Larson against the incumbent senator responsible for killing the Clean Energy Jobs Act. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters helped thousands of primary voters make the connection between clean energy and who we elect. Senator Chris Larson won with an impressive 61%. As expected, he is a strong conservation advocate and leader in the state Senate.

In the spring of 2014, 86% of candidates endorsed by Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters won.

Those wins happened right where we needed them most – on the front lines of frac sand country in Trempealeau and Buffalo counties. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters – with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers – had multiple conversations with 1,800 voters about the crucial importance of the spring elections. Our efforts helped to significantly increase voter turnout in the districts where we worked. As a result of these key wins, both county boards are in a much better position to protect Wisconsin’s air, land, and water.

In the fall of 2014, 74% of candidates endorsed by Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters won, including Representative Joel Kitchens.

Joel Kitchens ran in a strongly contested general election to represent the Door and Kewaunee county area. Because the district contains more shoreline than any other legislative district in the country, water quality played an enormous role in the campaign. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters reached out to voters on the airwaves and by mail to share Joel Kitchens’ strong conservation values and impressive leadership skills. Representative Joel Kitchens won voters over and garnered 56.7% of the vote.