Walker Conservation Failure Files

walkerfailGovernor Walker has failed us. From our air and water quality to clean energy jobs and all points in between, he’s left no stone unturned in desecrating the things that make Wisconsin a great place to live, work, and play. During his first term, one thing has been made perfectly clear: in Governor Walker’s Wisconsin, big polluters are rewarded – and the rest of us are left to pay the price.

The Walker Conservation Failure Files is your guide to understanding how Governor Walker has failed us – our health, our economy, and our way of life. Before you cast your vote, get the facts and share with fellow conservation voters.

Walker Failure File #1: The Dirty Truth About Our Clean Jobs
Governor Walker waged an attack on the renewable energy industry that imperiled up to $1.2 billion in renewable energy investments and more than 1,100 jobs by imposing the greatest restrictions to wind turbines in the country.

Walker Failure File #2: Walker Blew it on Wind
One of Governor Walker’s first legislative goals was to throw wind farm development out the window by imposing extreme restrictions that would have suffocated Wisconsin’s clean energy future.

Walker Failure File #3: Trashing Recycling
Governor Walker snuck a provision into his budget eliminating state recycling requirements and all funding for municipality and county-run recycling programs.

Walker Failure File #4: There’s Human Waste Where?
In Walker’s Wisconsin, his appointees at the DNR let major polluters off the hook with minimal fines – including Herr Environmental which was treating fields with 300% as much human waste as their permit allowed, endangering 40 nearby drinking water wells.

Walker Failure File #5: Energy Rates Fail
The people Governor Walker has put in power are helping to put more of your money in the pockets of the energy company and less investment in renewable energy, which has been a growing sector of the Wisconsin economy.

Walker Failure File #6: Frac Attack
In Governor Walker’s Wisconsin, polluting frac sand mines are being let off the hook while Wisconsinites are left with dirty air and contaminated water. In the years that Governor Walker has been in office, enforcement actions have dropped 55% from an average of 516 notices per year to just 233.

Walker Failure File #7: Mining for Money
The iron ore mining company, Gogebic Taconite, the ones who wrote the mining bill that could allow mining companies to expose our families to arsenic, lead, and mercury, donated $700,000 to Wisconsin Club for Growth which, coincidentally, is run by Governor Walker’s campaign manager.

Walker Failure File #8: The Big Mining Fail
From endangering our health to irrevocably scarring the beautiful Penokee Hills to all of the negative implications for waterways that Wisconsin tribes and others depend upon – the open-pit mining bill arguably one of the worst environmental bills in Wisconsin’s history. And with Governor Walker’s signature, it became the law of the land.