Field Guide to Taking Back Wisconsin

This is your year – as a Conservation Voter – to make a difference.

The things you care most about – clean water, climate change, places to hunt, hike, paddle, and play – are rising to the top with voters. From Foxconn to unsafe drinking water to the Great Lakes, voters are voicing concern about their environment and taking it to the polls.

As a longtime Conservation Voter, this is your year to make sure pro-conservation candidates are  elected. It’s time to take back Wisconsin.

The year started with a stunning victory for the environment when Patty Schachtner beat anti-conservation lawmaker Rep. Adam Jarchow in a special election.

It continued on June 12th when, in another special election,  voters in northeast Wisconsin elected conservation champion Caleb Frostman over an anti-conservation incumbent.

But, it’s a long way from November, and we’ll need you and every other conservation voter to take back Wisconsin. That’s why we’ve launched our Field Guide to Taking Back Wisconsin.

The Field Guide shows you how far Walker’s Wisconsin has moved away from the principles of conservation and democracy. It provides a Conservation Action Roadmap to help guide your path toward a better Wisconsin. It provides a Conservation Pledge so candidates can publicly dedicate themselves to conservation principles.

We’ll be calling on you to be an active part of making sure we elect pro-conservation candidates. We’ll need Conservation Captains, social media gurus, volunteers, and financial supporters.

The Field Guide is a living document. Each week we’ll be sharing new content in Walker’s Wisconsin and creating fresh content throughout the guide until we’ve taken back Wisconsin in November.

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Thank you for being a conservation voter!