Conservation Action Roadmap

Now it’s your turn to take action! Conservation Voters like you are getting involved all across Wisconsin to ensure clean water, clean air, and beautiful places for generations to come.

It’s impossible to get where you want to go without a map. This Conservation Action Roadmap draws a path you can take to Election Day. This is your guide to taking back the Wisconsin you love.

1. Join the My People program!

You talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about voting for pro-conservation candidates. We give you the tools to make it easy, and we’ll coach you along the way. We reach a bigger audience and conservation wins – it’s that simple.

2. Take the Clean Energy Pledge!

A movement is building across the country to reject dirty fossil fuels and embrace clean energy. With no federal leadership, this movement’s progress is taking hold in the states and local communities. Take action and help reach 100 percent clean energy by 2050.

3. Join the Social Media Stewardship Squad!

We have a winning message, we need you to help amplify it in the social media universe. Together, we’ll build a social media movement with viral capacity!


4. Hold Governor Walker Accountable!

Attend Walker events and ask him the tough questions. His conservation record is terrible. Sign up for emails and we’ll give you a heads up when he’s in your area.

5. Ask gubernatorial candidates to sign the Conservation Pledge!

A big field of candidates want to be governor this year. You deserve a leader who shares your conservation values.  Give a candidate the opportunity to commit to pro-conservation values that will take back Wisconsin. Ask them to sign the Conservation Pledge!

6. Volunteer!

This year’s elections are really important for conservation – especially for safe drinking water. You can can usher in a green wave of conservation champions! Knock on doors, call voters, and help us win for conservation!

7. Donate!

Your support is crucial. It provides the fuel for materials, polling, staff, digital campaigns, events – all of the things that build successful election campaigns. Your support will wrest Wisconsin’s future from the Walker Administration and elect a new one that respects our air, land, and water.

8. The most important action: Vote!

Vote on August 14th and November 6th. Better yet, vote EARLY and volunteer with us to help voters on Election Day. When you go to the polls or send in that absentee ballot, vote for candidates we have endorsed or who have signed the Conservation Pledge!

To learn more, contact a friendly community organizer in your region of the state by sending a message to