Conservation Pledge

You connect with family and friends by hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, and boating. You spend your free time in a deer stand or a kayak or on a bike trail. You know the value and importance of Wisconsin’s natural world and you are united with fellow conservation voters around Wisconsin’s rich conservation traditions and legacy. You deserve a governor who defends our natural resources and represent your conservation values. With this Conservation Pledge candidates can dedicate themselves to the principles of conservation.

I am taking the Conservation Pledge because I believe in our shared conservation values and traditions. As a candidate for Governor of Wisconsin:

✔ I pledge to protect Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers, and wetlands. As Governor I will work to protect our waterways from pollution, overdevelopment, and other threats. I will work towards ensuring that all waters are safe for fishing and swimming for Wisconsin families.

✔ I pledge to work toward safe drinking water and healthy air for all Wisconsinites. I will protect communities most vulnerable and most impacted by contaminated water and dirty air and make sure polluters are held accountable. I will support local communities in taking extra steps to protect and maintain their quality of life.

 I pledge to move Wisconsin towards 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2050. I will promote the 21st century jobs that grow our economy while reducing our dependence on dirty energy sources and support sustainable, livable communities 

 I pledge to protect and maintain our public lands for future generations. I will work to support funding and public/private partnerships that protect wildlife habitat and the outdoor places where we hike, hunt, paddle, and spend time with our families.

 I pledge to support a strong Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As governor I will prioritize natural resources in the state budget and return funding needed to increase staffing and programming to a level that can adequately manage our state’s natural resources and protect Wisconsinites’ health. I will enforce environmental laws and ensure all parties play by the same rules.

Print out the pledge here, and deliver it personally to your elected officials.