DudeWithFishFrom the bills speeding through the state legislature to the long-range issues that need ongoing attention, you can count on Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to keep you updated on the most important conservation issues affecting your air, land, water, and wildlife.

During the two-year legislative session, we are always in the Capitol watch-dogging each and every action that impacts Wisconsin’s natural resources and public health. Year-round, we are working with our conservation partners to uncover the latest conservation concerns and craft strategic campaigns to win.

We are committed to getting critical information to you in a timely manner…making sure you are hearing about conservation issues when you still have enough time to weigh-in and make a difference, NOT in a newsletter two months after the law is passed.

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is working on a range of bills that will have a positive impact on families all over the state, bills that create clean-energy jobs, protect our health, and preserve what makes Wisconsin special—our forests, farms, rivers, and wildlife. We work pro-actively to pass good conservation policy. And, when necessary, we work defensively to defend the good conservation laws already on the books. We will also be your watchdog to make sure that the state’s budget woes do not become an excuse for rolling back existing natural resource protections.

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