Open-Pit Mining

The historic campaign to stop the Open-Pit Mining Bill came up just one vote short. Despite the outcome of the vote, we still have a lot of reasons to be proud.

Because of your support, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ campaign to defeat the Open-Pit Mining Bill made a big impact in a short amount of time:

  • 24,508 letters were sent directly to legislators.
  • 830 citizens attended the public hearing to oppose the bill.
  • 2,126 citizens called their legislator to express opposition.
  • Editorial pages and radio airwaves statewide were flooded with personal stories of why people opposed the bill.
  • Television commercial aired statewide

Because of those efforts, the Open-Pit Mining Bill campaign strengthened Wisconsin’s conservation movement. People who never thought of themselves as “conservationists” got involved during this campaign. The number of conservation voters has grown dramatically – more people are making the connection between who they vote for and what comes out of their tap. Plus, conservationists from all walks of life are more united. We are ready for the next conservation fight.

We can’t thank you enough for all you did to communicate your opposition to the Open-Pit Mining Bill with your legislators, friends, and neighbors. Your boundless energy helped to educate more voters… and to put anti-conservation legislators on notice. You are amazing and we thank you.


It may be law, but we’re not done yet. Wisconsin league of Conservation Voters is uniquely positioned to do the work that comes after legislators vote badly on a conservation bill. For those legislators who stood up for our right to clean air and water, we’re making sure their constituents know it. And for those that did not – we are holding their feet to the fire.

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