Your Land

Wisconsin is defined by its land: beautiful inland lakes, meandering rivers, rolling hills, thick forests, colorful prairies, and rocky Great Lakes shorelines. Just as unique as the whooping cranes, Hines-emerald dragonflies, and lady slipper orchids that call these places home are the outdoorsmen and women who hunt and fish in Wisconsin’s wilderness. These 2.7 million men and women are joined by countless others who treasure opportunities to boat, swim, hike, and birdwatch in Wisconsin’s beautiful outdoor places. Right now, the land that defines us as Wisconsinites is threatened.

Each week of the legislative session, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters takes a position on the conservation issues before the state legislature. To view the land-related issues being considered by legislators and the pro-conservation position, check out the Conservation Notices of the Week.

Learn more about protecting public lands in Wisconsin.