Conservation NOW: January 15, 2018


Oppose SB 602 & AB 712: Lawless Wildlife Management

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose SB 602 & AB 712, which are before the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry on Tuesday and the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage on Wednesday.

Wildlife is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to ensure the survival of species while maintaining a healthy balance in our natural ecosystems. SB 602 & AB 712 would prohibit the DNR from spending any money to manage wolves. In addition the legislation bars state law enforcement officers from enforcing any law relating to wolf management or that prohibits killing wolves. These bills undermine the rule of law and encourage poaching and other illegal activity.

Support SB 648 & AB 688: Reestablishing a Wisconsin Conservation Corps

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to support SB 648 & AB 688, which are before the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy and the Assembly Committee on State Affairs on Wednesday.

Protection of Wisconsin’s natural resources depends on committed volunteers helping to implement conservation programs. At the same time, many youth in Wisconsin do not have access to quality job and education opportunities after high school. SB 648 & AB 688 would direct the Department of Administration to reestablish the Wisconsin Conservation Corps to give at-risk youth opportunities to get involved in conservation programs and on a path to careers in natural resources. The WCC would work with local governments, nonprofits, and higher education institutions to identify and help sponsor worthy conservation projects on public lands.


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