Conservation NOW: January 27, 2014

This Week’s Notices:

  • Oppose LRB 3079: Delaying Efforts to Reduce Phosphorus Pollution

Oppose LRB 3079: Delaying Efforts to Reduce Phosphorus Pollution

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose LRB 3079, which is circulating for co-sponsorship.

Phosphorous pollution is one of the greatest threats to Wisconsin’s water. It runs off of farms, parking lots, and development sites and can also be discharged from wastewater treatment plants and other facilities. According to the Department of Natural Resources, of the more than 700 waterbodies on Wisconsin’s impaired waters list, one-quarter fail to meet water quality standards due to phosphorus pollution. LRB 3079 could undermine ongoing efforts to improve Wisconsin’s water quality by allowing those responsible for phosphorous pollution to pay a fee rather than participate in a collaborative effort to reduce phosphorus pollution. In addition, some phosphorous polluters could delay compliance with water quality standards for ten years or more.

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