Conservation NOW: May 2, 2017


Oppose SB 76: Death by a Thousand Straws

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose SB 76, which is before the full Assembly on Tuesday.

All water is connected.  When groundwater is depleted, all water users—businesses, municipalities, farmers, fishermen, boaters, waterfront property owners, and more—pay the price. SB 76 would limit the ability of the DNR to address groundwater overpumping in critical areas by granting “forever permits” for high capacity wells that are tied to the land. This prevents regular reviews by the DNR of on-the-ground conditions as they change. As a result, this bill will make it more difficult for local communities to address serious groundwater over pumping problems that lead to lakes, rivers, and drinking water wells drying up.

Oppose SB 144: Watering Down Renewable Energy Credits

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose SB 144, which is before the full Senate on Tuesday

Wisconsin should increase the amount of renewable energy in our state to reduce air and water quality pollution from burning fossil fuels. Currently the state is meeting its ten percent renewable energy goal that was established in 2005.  Wisconsin was one of the lowest percentage targets in the Midwest. SB 144 continues to water down the effectiveness of our Renewable Energy Portfolio by expanding the number of energy technologies that count towards it without increasing the overall percentage. As a result, there is likely to be even less incentive for Wisconsin to decrease its fossil fuel use and transition to cleaner energy sources.

Support SB 46: Expand Outdoor Opportunities for Disabled Veterans and Purple Heart Recipients

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to support SB 46, which is before the full Senate on Tuesday.

Wisconsin currently honors the sacrifice of our resident disabled veterans by offering reduced rates for fishing and hunting licenses. In addition, Wisconsin exempts anyone in active service with the U.S. Armed Forces from the current cumulative preference system for awarding wild turkey tags when there are more requests than those available. SB 46 would allow disabled veterans and recipients of the Purple Heart to qualify for the exemption from the cumulative preference system when seeking wild turkey licenses and tags so they can take advantage of Wisconsin’s sporting heritage and opportunities.


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