Conservation NOW: September 25, 2017


Oppose LRB 4288/1: Making It Harder to Breathe

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose LRB 4288/1, which is currently circulating for co-sponsorship.

It is the responsibility of the DNR to set state standards for pollutants when general federal standards are not sufficient to protect Wisconsin citizens. LRB 4288/1 would prevent the DNR from protecting the public from air pollution by striking all state standards for air pollutants. The DNR would then be subjected to a very long and complicated process to reinstate state air pollution standards and then sunset those standards every 10 years. This needlessly undercuts protections for public health.

Oppose LRB 1181/1: Hiding the Evidence of Air Pollution

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose LRB 1181/1, which is currently circulating for co-sponsorship.

Wisconsinites deserve to breathe clean air. Unsafe levels of pollution can cause premature death for those with existing respiratory and pulmonary health conditions. Long-term exposure to unsafe levels of pollution can permanently damage the lungs and hearts of children. When unsafe levels of pollution are recorded, Wisconsin is required to develop plans to reduce all sources of air pollution in the area. LRB 1181/1 would prohibit the DNR from including the air monitoring site located at Kohler-Andrae State Park in the air quality data submitted to EPA because it shows unhealthy level of pollution in Sheboygan County. By hiding the evidence of unhealthy air pollution, this bill would attempt to artificially show compliance with federal Clean Air Act Standards and thus allow for more pollution in the area.


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