7/31/2017: Unnecessary to Sacrifice Natural Resources for Foxconn

Building Economic Growth While Protecting Public Health is Possible

MADISON – After Governor Scott Walker and President Donald Trump announced last week a deal to build a massive Foxconn factory in Wisconsin, Walker revealed special legislation that, if passed, will exempt the manufacturing giant from many protections for Wisconsin’s natural resources.

Kerry Schumann, executive director, issued this statement:

“In Wisconsin, we take pride in a job well done. Building economic strength, creating jobs, and protecting Wisconsin’s vulnerable natural resources are not mutually exclusive endeavors. We all love Wisconsin. We want Wisconsin’s economy to be as healthy as its drinking water, air, lakes, and rivers. We were surprised by Gov. Walker’s radical exemptions for Foxconn. A rollback of such an extreme nature is unnecessary. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters asks legislators to get the job done right – protect their constituents’ public health and water resources by rejecting the sweeping anti-conservation exemptions in the Foxconn bill.”

Read Legislative Director Jennifer Giegerich’s testimony to the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy.


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