Tracking Your Legislators 2017-2018

As we head into the next legislative session, it’s important to make sure we hold our elected officials accountable. With Tracking Your Legislators – and our online Conservation Vote Tracker – voters can see who worked to help or harm Wisconsin’s environment on the session’s most important issues.

The publication is available here.

The review spotlights the fight for Wisconsin’s natural resources at the State Capitol and the legislature’s best and worst environmental actors, and tells the story of priority legislation, including who voted for and against it.

Highlights included the passage of important legislation to protect families from toxic lead in their drinking water, help mitigate manure pollution, and provide protections for victims of contaminated wells.

Lowlights included opening the gates to sulfide mining – America’s most toxic industry – and dropping protections for thousands of acres of wetlands, the consequences of which are on display as the state suffers from massive flooding. Another lowlight was the disastrous Foxconn bill, a $4.5 billion handout to a private corporation that included unprecedented rollbacks of environmental regulations.

See how your legislators voted on important conservation legislation, and check out the Honor Roll and Dishonor Roll on pages 10 and 11.

Members of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters will receive a hard copy of Tracking Your Legislators in their mailbox. Not a member yet? No problem. Donate $10 or more today to get your copy.