Sustainer Circle

Join our Sustainer Circle and help us protect Wisconsin year-round

Giving monthly to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is an affordable and convenient way to ensure that Wisconsin’s conservation legacy is protected for generations to come. You can increase, decrease, or stop your contributions at any time.

Why join Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ Sustainer Circle?

Ned Gatzke, WLCV Member

Ned, Sustainer Circle Member

“I’m a monthly, sustaining member, because giving monthly helps me balance my budget. Conservation is really important to me. If things are going to happen, they’re going to happen in the legislature – and that’s where WLCV is. And that’s where I’m going to be most effective.” – Ned, member of the Sustainer Circle.

Sign up now! Here’s how:

Sign up here using your checking account (preferred*), debit, or credit card. Set your preferred giving level ($5 per month minimum). Your gifts will be automatically deducted every month.

Or: Mail a voided check to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, 133 S. Butler Street, Suite 320, Madison, WI, 53703. We will set up automatic payments from your checking account.

You can increase, decrease, or stop your contributions at anytime by calling our office at 608-661-0845.

Thank you for helping Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters protect Wisconsin’s natural legacy year-round.

For more information, contact Angela West Blank, Director of Strategic Development, at 608-208-1131 or

*Please consider using your checking account for payments (otherwise known as Electronic Payment/ACH). Checking accounts are more stable than credit or debit cards, and don’t expire. This saves on administrative costs and ensures your support is continuous. Thank you!