AB 547/SB 600: Dropping State Protections for Wetlands

This bill is:

Date Introduced:
November 30, 2017

Legislative Categories:
Fishing, Hunting, Water

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Bill Description

Wetlands provide critical protections for our water by filtering out pollution that runs off farm fields and urban development. Additionally, it is critical habitat for sustaining wildlife. AB 547 & SB 600 would remove protections for over one million acres of wetlands in Wisconsin, allowing them to be filled in for development. This could lead to increased flooding in our communities as well as decreased water quality.

Current Status

AB 547 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform. SB 600 was referred to the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. The committees held a joint hearing on the bills on December 21, 2017. It is now available to be scheduled for a vote in both committees.

Full Vote Data

Assembly:  Awaiting Action

Senate:  Awaiting Action

Governor:  Awaiting Action

Citizen Action Needed

Call your legislators and ask them to oppose AB 547 & SB 600.