SB 48/AB 78: Leading on Lead

This bill is:

Date Introduced:
February 21, 2017

Legislative Categories:
Priority Issue, Water

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Bill Description

Wisconsinites have a right to safe, lead-free drinking water. Currently, there is little flexibility for water utilities to help homeowners replace lead pipes in their homes and on their property. Children with even low levels of lead in their blood can suffer profound and permanent health problems including damage to brain development. SB 48 & AB 78 would allow local communities to provide greater financial assistance to homeowners replacing lead pipes in their homes.

Current Status

SB 48 was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. SB 48 had a public hearing on March 8, 2017, and was voted out of committee on March 29, 2017. The bill was unanimously voted out of the Senate on October 31, 2017. AB 78 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities. AB 78 had a public hearing on April 18, 2017. It was voted out of committee on June 13, 2017. The full Assembly amended SB 48 on the floor and passed it on a voice vote on November 9, 2017. SB 48, as amended by the Assembly, was approved by the full Senate on a voice vote on January 23, 2018. It is now available to be signed into law by Governor Walker.

Committee History

Full Vote Data

Assembly:  Passed by Voice Vote

Senate:  Passed Senate

Governor:  Awaiting Action


Legislator Bill
Bewley, JanetYesPro
Carpenter, TimYesPro
Cowles, RobertYesPro
Craig, DavidYesPro
Darling, AlbertaYesPro
Erpenbach, JonYesPro
Feyen, DanielYesPro
Fitzgerald, ScottYesPro
Gudex, RichardYesPro
Hansen, DaveYesPro
Harris Dodd, NikiyaYesPro
Harsdorf, SheilaYesPro
Johnson, LaTonyaYesPro
Kapenga, ChrisYesPro
Larson, Chris YesPro
Lasee, FrankYesPro
Lassa, JulieYesPro
Lazich, MaryYesPro
LeMahieu, DevinYesPro
Marklein, HowardYesPro
Miller, MarkYesPro
Moulton, TerryYesPro
Nass, StephenYesPro
Olsen, LutherYesPro
Petrowski, JerryYesPro
Ringhand, JanisYesPro
Risser, FredYesPro
Roth, RogerYesPro
Shilling, JenniferYesPro
Stoebel, DueyYesPro
Taylor, LenaYesPro
Testin, PatrickYesPro
Tiffany, ThomasYesPro
Vinehout, KathleenYesPro
Vukmir, LeahYesPro
Wanggaard, VanYesPro
Wirch, RobertYesPro


Passed by voice vote, so there is no recorded individual vote data

Citizen Action Needed

Please contact Governor Walker and ask him to support SB 48.