AB 599/SB 506: Undermining Navigability of Our Waters

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Date Introduced:
October 27, 2017

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Bill Description

The Wisconsin Constitution declares that our lakes and rivers are public resources, owned in common by all Wisconsin citizens under the state's Public Trust Doctrine. The state has a responsibility to manage those public resources for the use of all people. SB 506 and AB 599 would restrict the DNR’s ability to determine the navigability of streams – effectively privatizing state waters.

Current Status

SB 506 was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry. AB 599 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Committee on Environment and Forestry. Both bills had hearings on November 28, 2017. They are now available to be voted out of committee.

Full Vote Data

Assembly:  Awaiting Action

Senate:  Awaiting Action

Governor:  Awaiting Action

Citizen Action Needed

Call and ask your legislators to oppose SB 506 & AB 599.