Oppose the dangerous redistricting bill SB 488 and AB 415

We urgently need your action. A dangerous redistricting bill, which would allow the State Legislature to hold all the power in deciding how our voting maps are drawn, is making its way to the Senate floor. This blatant power-grab could permanently change the process for drawing our state maps and would be detrimental to communities.

Write your senator today and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 488 and Assembly Bill 415 to ensure all Wisconsin communities can be fairly represented. Simply fill out the form below.

To build a healthy democracy where we can protect our health and the health of our planet, we need to end Republican control of redistricting. That’s why we’ve long-advocated for an independent, nonpartisan process that moves redistricting outside the hands of our gerrymandered legislature.

The public is on our side. During the last redistricting process, 63 percent of Wisconsin voters said redistricting should be conducted by a nonpartisan commission, while only 25 percent said it should be done by the legislature.

But in the face of this widespread support for independent, nonpartisan redistricting, legislators are pushing Senate Bill 488 (SB 488) and Assembly Bill 415 (AB 415), an anti-democratic piece of legislation that would entrench legislative control over the redistricting process.

We’ve seen widespread opposition to this bill, including from our friends with the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition, but we need your help. SB 488 and AB 415 already passed the Assembly and is now headed to a public hearing in the Senate.

Please write to your senator and ask them to oppose this bill, and instead support a nonpartisan process that’s protected from the biased interests of our gerrymandered legislature.