Should I run for office?

We know local government can lead the way in combating climate change, protecting clean water, and expanding voter access. We need more leaders to run for office who will champion these issues in communities all across Wisconsin.

Do you care about these issues and your community? Have you been involved in issue campaigns or elections before? Does your local elected official share your values and concerns or not? Are you a person of color, woman, young person, or someone who is often left out of the decision making process? Then, you are the perfect candidate.

Running for office is a team effort, and we can help make sure you have the support and resources you need to succeed. We can help you talk about environmental issues in an impactful way, mobilize our membership behind your campaign, and connect you to groups like Wisconsin Progress who can help provide additional training and mentorship to get you elected to office.

Interested or have more questions? Fill out this form and one of our WCV staff will contact you shortly to speak about with you about your potential candidacy.

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