Tell Sen. Robert Cowles to remove the polluter loophole in the PFAS bill.

Call Sen. Robert Cowles today at (608) 266-0484.

Discussions are happening now on Senate Bill (SB) 312 – the legislation needed to address the PFAS health crisis. Tell Sen. Robert Cowles that we're counting on him to remove the polluter loophole, which would damage the Department of Natural Resource’s (DNR’s) authority to test for PFAS, begin remediation, and hold polluters accountable for the mess they create.

This authority, called the Spills Law, has been the most important tool available to the DNR to deal with PFAS contamination thus far. If we lose this tool, Wisconsin will lose the ability to respond to emerging health contaminants and quickly protect communities.

The health of Wisconsinites in over 120 communities across the state are at risk due to PFAS, a class of highly-toxic, human-made chemicals tied to cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, increased risk of thyroid disease, and growth, learning, and behavior impairment. This is a health crisis that we need to address immediately.

Gov. Evers signed the state budget and locked in $125 million in funding to address PFAS contamination. This is historic. But now, we need to pass legislation that determines how that funding can be distributed to impacted communities. Any bill worth supporting needs to work for impacted communities and promote long-term remediation efforts.

This moment is critical. We need your voice, because the health of our communities is on the line.

Write and call your legislators today to make sure they support changes to the bill that ensure the DNR retains its authority to test for PFAS, begin remediation, and hold polluters accountable.


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