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Human-driven climate change is fact. Warming temperatures have already reduced corn harvests, contributed to unprecedented flooding, disrupted wildlife migration, spurred toxic algae blooms, and dirtied our Great Lakes. We must swiftly transition to a clean energy economy that works for all communities, reduce pollution created by fossil fuels, and invest in strategies that help us prepare for the impacts of climate change.

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Clean Energy for All

Climate action and clean energy means creating an environment where all people can thrive. With a focus on climate justice, we work with coalitions and local governments to pass clean energy policies and commit to 100 percent clean energy.


“Protecting our waters, lands, and citizens requires that decision-making be informed by science. Period.”

scientist. dad. voter.

Jake Vander Zanden, Madison


From its beginnings as Build Back Better to its final passage as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the U.S. passed the largest investment in climate action ever, putting the country on the path to cutting climate pollution 40 percent by 2030. Through the Justice40 initiative, for the first time in our nation’s history, the federal government has made it a goal that 40 percent of the overall benefits of certain federal investments will flow to communities that are marginalized, underserved, and overburdened by pollution. The IRA will help make that a reality.


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