Climate + Energy

Human-driven climate change is fact. Warming temperatures have already reduced corn harvests, contributed to unprecedented flooding, disrupted wildlife migration, spurred toxic algae blooms, and dirtied our Great Lakes. We must swiftly transition to a clean energy economy that works for all communities, reduce pollution created by fossil fuels, and invest in strategies that help us prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Wisconsin relies almost entirely on fossil fuels for its electricity.

Priority Campaign

Combating climate change

Human-driven climate change is scientific fact and Wisconsin is already suffering because of it. Wisconsinites deserve pollution-free communities. Wisconsin Conservation Voters is dedicated to moving our country toward 100 percent clean energy by 2050.


“Protecting our waters, lands, and citizens requires that decision-making be informed by science. Period.”

scientist. dad. voter.

Jake Vander Zanden, Madison

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