CNOW Week of May 13, 2019

This week's notice:

  • Support LRB 3051 & LRB 3128: Restoring Clean Energy Schools

Support LRB 3051 & LRB 3128: Restoring Clean Energy Schools

Wisconsin Conservation Voters urges you to support LRB 3051 & LRB 3128, which are currently circulating for co-sponsorship.

Many of Wisconsin’s schools are grappling with rising costs due, in part, to increased fuel costs and having to heat and cool old, inefficient buildings. Up until last session, school districts could take advantage of an existing state law to make energy efficiency improvements without having those energy projects be counted under their revenue caps. LRB 3051 & LRB 3128 would restore the ability of school districts to finance clean energy projects outside of the school revenue caps, thereby saving schools much needed money, while also reducing their pollution.

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