Support LRB 2582: Reestablishing Conservation Congress’s Efficiency

Week of April 15, 2019
2019-20 Legislative Session

This week's notices:

  • Support LRB 2582: Reestablishing Conservation Congress’s Efficiency

Wisconsin Conservation Voters urges you to support LRB 2582, which is currently circulating for co-sponsorship.

The Conservation Congress is an advisory body that advises the Department of Natural Resources on issues of interest to sportsmen and conservationists. Every spring, public hearings are held in all 72 counties to give advisory opinions on possible conservation regulations. LRB 2582 would restore the efficiency of Wisconsin’s democratic tradition by eliminating much of the bureaucratic steps that were established by 2011 Act 21. These changes created unnecessarily long timelines for consideration of proposals that are recommended by the Conservation Congress as a result of the Spring hearings. The bill maintains all necessary public and agency checks throughout the process, but removes hurdles put in place to stop rules from proceeding in a timely fashion.

Conservation Notices of the Week (CNOW) announce the pro-conservation positions on issues before the senate, assembly and/or governor in the week ahead to state legislators. Others wishing to follow activities in the state legislature also receive CNOW, including legislative staff, conservation voters, and media. All of these issues are tracked on the Vote Tracker. Issues in the CNOW may appear in the Conservation Scorecard, to be released in the summer of 2020.