The long-term health of Wisconsin is inextricably linked with the health of our democracy. Unchecked political spending from polluting special interests, voter protections that have been gutted, and gerrymandering are making it harder for many people to participate in elections. We know Wisconsinites care about protecting our environment. A free, fair, and equitable political process is essential to ensuring that elected officials reflect the values of their constituents and advance protections that are critical to our health, our environment, and future generations.

A healthy environment requires a healthy democracy.

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Democracy for All

A healthy environment requires a healthy democracy. Decision-making power is too often in the hands of the few and most privileged. We are committed to shifting that power to individuals and communities by making voting more accessible to all.


“We are all affected by pollution. Wisconsin Conservation Voters gives me a voice to fight polluters.”

hiker. biker. voter.

Ann Brodek, Racine


After years working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, labor members, disability advocates, Wisconsin Conservation Voters members, and many others, we were able to expand early voting in the City of Green Bay. The very limited options for early voting in Green Bay had long been a concern of local residents and students. The combined organizing efforts of these diverse groups – along with the support of Green Bay Clerk Celestine Jeffreys – led to a unanimous vote to expand early voting hours and access to the ballot box. "This decision enhances our freedom to vote by expanding early voting access and working to ensure all Green Bay residents have equal access to cast their vote,” said Organizing Director Casey Hicks.


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