Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism's Failure at the Faucet project

Jan 14, 2019

CREDIT: Cole Monka / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

A groundbreaking series

The nonpartisan, nonprofit Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism is increasing the quality and quantity of investigative reporting in Wisconsin, while training current and future investigative journalists. Its work fosters an informed citizenry and strengthens democracy.

In an award-winning project called Failure at the Faucet the center shined an unprecedented spotlight on the drinking water crisis in Wisconsin. Their reporting covers the gamut of drinking water threats in Wisconsin including manure, chemicals, and lead.

The work earned the center our 2017 Conservation Action Award. The award represents the conservation community’s gratitude for the excellent work the center performs each day, and for shining a light on the issue through its world-class reporting and journalism.

Check out the entire series here.