Do not abandon hope – climate solutions are possible

May 13, 2022

"We cannot improve the climate crisis — or live healthy, prosperous lives — without bold climate action from our representatives at every level of government. But that takes your voice."

- Kerry Schumann, Executive Director

Kerry Schumann, Executive Director of Wisconsin Conservation Voters

There is no denying the change in our climate driven by human activity is the greatest threat to our happiness and prosperity in generations. We must remember, remaining optimistic in the face of a daunting challenge isn’t naïve. It’s how we make progress.

There are thousands of people in Wisconsin working hard to foster real change. They could use your help. Progress is possible, but that means all of us who care about a healthy future for ourselves and those we love, must act – for everyone.

Read Executive Director Kerry Schumann's full article advocating climate hope citizen action in the Wisconsin Examiner here.