Simpson Street Free Press: Science of Wisconsin's Environment

Feb 20, 2019

Wisconsin Conservation Voters is partnering with Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) to amplify their environmental and science reporting.

Simpson Street Free Press is a dynamic, award winning after school and summer learning program focused on producing journalism on multiple platforms – and enhancing literacy, writing, and vocabulary skills while doing so. Students begin the program as early as third grade, while SSFP graduates, now in college, serve as editors. High school students take on leadership roles and middle school students write stories focused on science, history, current events, and more.

Staff members of the Simpson Street Free Press in 2017, after accepting a special award from Wisconsin Conservation Voters for their environmental reporting.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters believes democracy can’t thrive without transparency. Democracy, the environment, and public health suffer without quality journalism.

With this new partnership, we’ll be highlighting and amplifying the work of SSFP students as they examine our natural resources through a science lens in their Science of Wisconsin’s Environment project. We’ll be sharing their work here via Eye on WI, our social media, and email.

Helen Zhang, the Free Press science editor said: “The Science of Wisconsin's Environment is among our most successful projects. This new partnership means more in-depth news coverage that will inspire young readers.”

Check out their Science of Wisconsin's Environment page here.

We'll feature new reporting and select the issues they cover that shed light on some of the most pressing environmental issues facing Wisconsin.