Conservation voters applaud Gov. Evers major PFAS initiative announced in his State of the State Address

Jan 24, 2023

MADISON – Tonight in his State of the State Address, Gov. Tony Evers announced a major PFAS package aimed at testing our drinking water, cleaning up the toxic compounds, and creating new rules for their use. He also celebrated one of Wisconsin Conservation Voters top priorities: the state’s Clean Energy Plan.

Government Affairs Director Jennifer Giegerich has this to say on tonight’s PFAS initiative announcement:

“We are excited to hear Gov. Evers is again fulfilling a commitment to protecting Wisconsinites from toxic drinking water. As part of his proposal, the governor will be recommending more than $106 million in initiatives in his 2023-25 biennial budget proposal to support municipalities in responding to local PFAS contamination, bolster staff and resources at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and increase PFAS testing, sampling, and monitoring.

This package includes elements conservation voters across the state specifically asked for in the past several years to properly stop this toxic class of chemicals from poisoning our communities. We’re proud to have made our voices heard loud and clear. We’re also excited to work with the Evers Administration to see the elements of this initiative come to their full fruition.”

Gov. Evers also touted Wisconsin’s Clean Energy Plan, one of Wisconsin Conservation Voters priorities in 2022 and as proof of his commitment to a clean energy future in Wisconsin.

Executive Director Kerry Schumann said this about the Clean Energy Plan:

“Gov. Evers’ Clean Energy Plan meets the scale and scope needed to properly address the climate crisis. Wisconsin Conservation Voters applauds Gov. Evers for gathering input from Tribal Nations, frontline communities, and other groups to develop equitable solutions that address the needs of everyone in the state.

The Clean Energy Plan plan rightly prioritizes equity and justice. Wisconsin currently sends $14 billion out-of-state for fossil fuels. Investing in clean energy workforce development at home will lift us all – especially communities most impacted by climate change. The governor laid out a road map for job training programs and estimates that over 40,000 new jobs will be created by 2030. Our response to the climate crisis can only succeed if we ensure a just and equitable transition.

We’re thrilled Gov. Evers made the plan a centerpiece of his Administration's achievements in 2022 and will prioritize the plan in 2023 and beyond. We look forward to working closely with him to implement the plan.”

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