Conservation voters call on legislative leaders to hold session on police violence and systemic racism

Aug 26, 2020

MADISON – Wisconsin Conservation Voters calls on Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to convene the legislature to take up policies that begin to address the public health crisis of systemic racism and police brutality.

The shooting of Jacob Blake, unfortunately, is this system working as designed. It is not an anomaly or an exception. We see the manifestations of systemic racism in police violence, but also in the disproportionate suffering in communities of color due to environmental degradation and climate change. Over the past two years, legislative leaders have brushed off other public health problems – like clean drinking water – with task forces and empty promises. Their inaction is leading to lives lost.

It is time they stop treating this life-or-death issue as something that can be put off or “studied” without any meaningful action. Communities of color in Wisconsin have been clear about what needs to be done. Our state leaders need to listen and act.

We encourage everyone to speak out about systemic racism and urge Speaker Robin Vos and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to come to the table and take their first steps on that difficult path, so that Wisconsin can begin to progress toward a more equitable, safer, and healthier future.

To contact Speaker Robin Vos email or call 608-266-9171. To contact Majority Scott Leader Fitzgerald email or call 608-266-5660.

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