Conservation voters stand with Green Bay against attacks on its local elections

Mar 12, 2021

GREEN BAY – On Wednesday, March 10, the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee targeted the City of Green Bay, its mayor and staff, and hundreds of poll workers and election volunteers – of all political stripes – with outright lies about the 2020 election in Green Bay rather than helping Wisconsinites who are struggling under the COVID-19 pandemic.

These politicians along with outside agitators are taking voting access backwards by making it harder for city officials to do their jobs instead of helping to ensure everyone has the freedom to vote.

On Tuesday, March 16, the Green Bay City Council will be meeting to discuss a response to the committee and the activists who continue this abhorrent and divisive behavior. Wisconsin Conservation Voters is joining a growing chorus across the state by asking its thousands of members in the northeast to send messages to the committee urging them to stop.

“The facts are clear,” said Northeast Organizer Casey Hicks. “The election in Green Bay was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and civic commitment of not only city staff but hundreds of participants and volunteers who helped make it one of the most successful elections in recent history. And hardworking Green Bay folks made it happen during a global pandemic. They deserve accolades and respect, not this type of cheap harassment by outsiders who don’t care about Green Bay.”

Unfortunately, outside agitators who d0n’t even live in Green Bay like former state legislator Adam Jarchow, who no longer represents anyone – much less the people of Green Bay – parachuted in on his law degree to spread lies and nonsense conspiracy theories.

“Despite the efforts of these outside lawyers and radical activists like Jarchow and his law firm, people in Green Bay and across the state aren’t fooled by their big lie,” said Organizing and Political Director Seth Hoffmeister. “Not only are these outside forces trying to make decisions for the City of Green Bay and its residents, they’re trying to hinder our freedom to vote and our ability to safely participate in our own democracy and future. These destructive and irresponsible tactics must stop, and we must make elections more accessible so that all voices are heard – not just ones handpicked by partisans and radicals living in the far western part of the state or in Madison.”

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